Make the changes to your life you've always wanted but have never before been able to achieve.
Welcome to Naas Hypnosis Clinic. We, Mary Kavanagh and Florence Bray, are Clinical Hypnotherapists with many years' experience in the field. We have been trained to the highest standards in Clinical Hypnosis and are members of the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. We are dedicated, personally and professionally, to helping our clients achieve the changes they want to make in their lives.

Clinical Hypnosis is used to address many issues in health and personal matters. We can help you achieve your goals with hypnosis in any of the following areas:
Quit Smoking
Lose WeightNaas_Hypnosis_weight_loss
Panic Attacksnaas_hypnosis_depression
Gastric Hypnotic BandNaas_Hypnosis_gastric _band
Public SpeakingNaaspublic_specking
Where are we?

The clinic is in Naas, Co Kildare, just off the M7 motorway and convenient to most parts of Kildare, south Dublin and west Wicklow including Newbridge, Kildare, Sallins, Clane, Celbridge, Maynooth, Straffan, Blessington, Dunlavin, Baltinglass, Rathcoole, Clondalkin, Kill and Tallaght.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Would you believe that you can be in a hypnotised state naturally on any given day? It's true. When you day-dream while watching TV, are lost in your thoughts while driving, gardening or reading a book, that pleasant and relaxed state is the state of hypnosis. It is also described as the relaxed state between waking and sleep. At these times, the mind is more open to suggestion. The critical conscious mind is in a relaxed state and is less likely to resist positive suggestions.

The trained hypnotherapist will make specific and acceptable suggestions to the client for his or her benefit and well-being, suggestions which address specific problems he or she has presented. When taken on board by the sub-conscious mind, they can allow the individual to transform his or her life.

Hypnosis is a non-invasive, low-risk method of quickly achieving results and transforming lives.

New to hypnosis?

Hundreds of people have improved their lives thanks to Naas Hypnosis. Open-minded doctors are referring patients to Naas Hypnosis, believing it to offer a medication-free solution to their patients' problems.

Prior to commencing any hypnotherapy sessions with Naas Hypnotherapy Clinic, we will discuss your problem to establish if hypnotherapy can help you.